Where to find our Coffee!

Mabou Farmers Market
Cape Breton Farmers Market
Sunday Mabou

Farmers Markets

We attend various markets around  Cape Breton Island 

What markets we attend
Herring Choker Deli
Cape Breton Deli

Herring Choker Deli

We keep a supply of fresh roasted coffee at the deli for those in the middle of Cape Breton in need of great coffee!


Kiss Me Arts Gallery

Here is St. Peters we have a great gallery with lots of local art, and a constant supply of fresh roasted coffee!

Located in the Bonnie Brae Seniors Club basement.  Open 10-4 (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


Mabou Farmers Market


We attend the Mabou Farmers Market every Sunday from June through mid October.

We severe hot coffee and cold brew every market, and have fresh roasted whole bean coffee to get you through the week.  If you don't have a grinder we can do that then too. 

Baddeck Farmers Market

Baddeck Farmers Market

You can find us with cold brew and fresh roasted coffee here every other week.

Just send us a message if you want to be sure when we are there!


Other Markets

Check us out on instagram or facebook to see what other markets we are attending.