Coffee with a Conscience

We believe that in the simple act of trying, we can all make a difference and make the world a better place.  Why not start with your morning cup of coffee! 

Our little part is to donate $1 for every bag of coffee sold to a charitable cause each month.  Each month it will be a different charity, some local, some national, some international.   

Who we are supporting this month


July 2019 

Rainbow Railroad  Rainbow Railroad exists to help these people get out of danger to somewhere safe. In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of Rainbow Railroad is to help LGBTQI people as they seek safe haven from state-enabled violence, murder or persecution. Through funds collected, they’re able to support, provide information, and help to arrange safe transportation for these LGBTQI people to somewhere in the world where they can live their lives in freedom. 

Rainbow Railroad

Who we have supported

July 2019  - Rainbow Railroad